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Our Research

Thank you for your interest in surgical ergonomics research! The Research and Applied
Ergonomics (RAE) Committee’s goals are to promote research efforts in surgical ergonomics by
developing projects, conducting studies, and connecting researchers. We are looking to build
multi-institutional collaborations to advance the field of ergonomics. The RAE committee is the
overarching organizational committee and oversees the Research Consortium.


The Research Consortium serves as the main research body of the SSE. This is made up of a
group of individuals who are dedicated and interested in brainstorming, developing, and
implementing research projects. You can sign up to be a member of the research consortium


As a part of the RAE committee or Research Consortium, you will be asked to sign a
confidentiality statement to protect the integrity of research projects and ideas. People already
signed up for the consortium should have received it. If you have not, this means you need to
sign up (see link above). If not signed already, members of the RAE committee will receive it for
signature upon nomination. 


Lastly, please submit a project for the first research consortium workshop


These workshops will work to help develop ideas and projects. Our first workshop will be held
in mid-May. All research consortium members will be invited to attend and participate. We will
select the top 4-5 submitted projects to discuss during the workshop and help develop the
ideas, find collaborators, and work on implementation strategies.

Active Projects

Project 1: Does Surgeon Hand Size Impact Instrument Handling

The purpose of this research is to learn more about surgeon hand and glove size and how various demographic factors such as geographic location, sex, race, and other attributes may impact surgical instrument design.


Participation will include the completion of a survey of demographic information that will not include any protected health information or other identifying information. You will also be asked to submit a photo of your hand next to a reference object that is nearly uniform in size across the globe. 

PI: Susan Hallbeck, PhD


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