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Governance Structure
Society of Surgical Ergonomics Governance Structure
Research and Applied Ergonomics Committee

Chairs: Jenny Shao, MD and Andrea Merrill, MD

Mission Statement: To study the impact of surgical ergonomics on musculoskeletal disorders, mental workload and health, healthcare delivery, and patient safety through systematic investigation fueled by intellectual curiosity and need.  Additionally, this committee aims to improve the ergonomics of surgical procedures through the redesign of surgical instruments, devices, and environments, as well as the implementation of ergonomics interventions related to posture, positioning, motion, and physical and mental loads.

Education Committee

Chairs: Ian Soriano, MD

Mission Statement: To develop, implement, and disseminate curricula to promote the awareness of surgical ergonomics and teach techniques to enhance the ergonomics of the surgical environment on institutional, national, and international levels.

IT & Communication Committee

Chairs: Andrew Gabrielson MD and Yewande Alimi, MD

Mission Statement: To increase the virtual presence of the Society of Surgical Ergonomics via social media and the web, and support the other subcommittees of the SSE to bring their content to the public.

Program Committee

Chair: Kristin Chrouser, MD

Mission Statement: To design and host events that promote awareness, education, and research related to surgical ergonomics.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

Chair: Andrew Wright, MD and Yewande Alimi, MD

Mission Statement: To assure that the activities of the Society of Surgical Ergonomics proceed with inclusivity in mind as it pertains to a diverse surgical workforce.

Membership Committee

Chair: Ian Soriano, MD

Mission Statement: To evaluate, establish eligibility, and accept all qualified applicants for membership into the Society of Surgical Ergonomics, and to develop recruitment strategies to increase membership.

Industry Relations Committee

Chair: Monica Jain, MD

Mission Statement: To foster mutually beneficial partnerships between the surgical ergonomics community and industry.

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