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The Society of Surgical Ergonomics will be hosting a series of webinars in the future. Our upcoming webinars are designed to empower you with the latest insights and strategies in surgical ergonomics. Our expert-led sessions will cover a range of topics, including cutting-edge trends, innovative solutions, and best practices to enhance your skills and knowledge.


Our goal is to provide valuable takeaways to help you stay informed. Don't miss these opportunities to learn, engage, and grow with us. 

Industry Relations Webinar

This video is from the first Industry Relations webinar on May 16, 2024. The topic is Medical Device Design and Usability: Imagined vs Reality

Moderators: Dr. Amandeep Shergill and Dr. Deepa Galaiya


  • Carisa Harris-Adamson, PhD, CPE - UC Berkeley

  • Ananth Ravi, MD - President and CEO, Molli Surgical

  • Heather Simani - Director of R&D in Endoscopy, Boston Scientific

  • Jennifer Raines - Director, Product & Development Engineering, Medtronic

This roundtable discussion focuses on medical device design and usability.

  • Exploring the gap between intended functionality and user experience with industry experts, human factors specialists, and proceduralists.

  • Gain insights into medical device design, learn about the fundamentals of user-centered design, and participate in discussions on the future of medical devices. 

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